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Furious Filipino Catholics Used the Internet

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The so-called art exhibit. The so-called art exhibit.

Filipino Catholics who were offended by the CCP’s art exhibit used the internet, a powerful tool to spill out their feelings.

MANILA, Philippines— Insulted Filipino Catholics are raging in anger about the controversial “penis art” exhibition turned to the internet to criticize the Cultural Center of the Philippines for encouraging “religious bigotry” and “blasphemy” through hosting the exhibit.

A lot shared their piece on a article written by Agence France-Presse entitled ‘Blasphemous’ Philippine art riles Catholics on INQUIRER.net.

Antonio Recososa wrote, “Blasphemy!!!”

One of the most controversial exhibits is the artwork by artist Mideo Cruz. He showcased according to him a “work of art” a poster of Holy image of Jesus Christ with an astray shaped of penis which is glued on His face.

Caryl Vin Calang said, “I don't understand why they should "challenge people’s perceptions of figures they idolize" in this way. I mean, if I were shown this "art", I wouldn't think I was challenged. I would immediately think that the one who did this piece of crap must be a sexually-preoccupied person such that even while watching the face of Jesus he would see the figure of a penis. Maybe the "artist" was not so creative at all. He should have done it better without creating so much outrage from most of the Filipinos.”

“The only thing I could say is… This is offensive and tasteless,” Derp Trollingderp commented.

Max said, “Pure rubbish, the artists who (made this) ’art’ is sick, mentally, morally, (never mind spiritually) and socially maladjusted. I think, the artist doesn’t believe in Christ as a divine being, and they have lots of fun poking jokes to the believers. @#$!&&^%(*&) you dirty, gutter artist.”

Last Wednesday, Emily Abrera, CCP’s president defended the claimed art exhibit that the artist is just doing its role in the society to challenge the beliefs of its viewers.

She said in an interview, “We see nothing wrong with it. It is part of our culture to question, to seek answers, to look behind the surface and try to dig out what our real values are.”

“You call this art??? freedom of expression??? Mr. Cruz and Ms. Abrera there are more subtle ways to question other’s beliefs. freedom is not absolute, both of you should know that … may GOD have mercy on your souls, including your children’s,” Marore protested.

Numerous lay groups and bishops have demanded the management of CCP to close the said exhibit because it is immoral, blasphemous, illegal and offends Filipino Catholics.

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