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Avoid Manila Streets Tomorrow!

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A Typical Busy Manila Street A Typical Busy Manila Street

'Alay Lakad Para sa Kabataan' in Manila will keep the streets busy with more than half a million participants


Due to the conduct of the ‘Alay Lakad Para sa Kabataan’ tomorrow Sunday by the Manila District Traffic Enforcement Unit, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) released an advisory to all motorists to avoid Manila streets and take alternate routes instead.

There will be around half a million to almost 1M people who are expected to participate in the event which will commence at 4 A.M.

Roads that will be closed include north and southbound lanes of Roxas Boulevard from Anda Circle to President Quirino, P. Burgos from Roxas Boulevard to Lagusnilad east and westbound, T.M. Kalaw from Roxas Boulevard to Taft Avenue east and westbound, and Ayala Boulevard corner Finance Road.

For those coming from the southern part of Manila, MMDA said they must go through Roxas Boulevard northbound instead. MMDA added that motorists should turn right at P. Ocampo or President Quirino, and then take a left at Taft Avenue.

For those vehicles that will pass A. Mabini street, they are asked to make a right turn to Pedro Gil or they can go straight ahead and turn right to UN Avenue and then take a left turn at Taft Avenue.

As for cars passing through the northern part of Manila, they must not go through the stretch of Roxas Boulevard southbound coming from Delpan Bridge-Pier Zone. Instead, they must pass through A. Soriano, go straight to Magallanes Drive, and make a right at P. Burgos straight to Taft Avenue.

For cars emerging from MacArthur, Jones, and Quezon bridges and have plans of going to the southbound lane of Roxas Boulevard from P. Burgos must proceed straight to Taft Avenue instead.

Motorists using the three bridges to go to Intramuros must turn right to Victoria street. As for big vehicles that include vans, trailers and cargo trucks emerging from Road 10 to get through Delpan Bridge must instead proceed to Capulong to go to their destination.

All motorists should take the same route in going back to their point of origin as advised by the MMDA.




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