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Donating to the Cause of Future Generations

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Donations to Springboard Foundation help improve the lives of urban poor Filipino children, empowering them for better opportunities. Donations to Springboard Foundation help improve the lives of urban poor Filipino children, empowering them for better opportunities.

Going without your tall gourmet caramel macchiato for one week could already save you an amount of money that you can donate to a worthy cause.

You can donate as little as P500 to Springboard Foundation, a foundation that takes care of funding for a long list of charitable institutions dedicated towards the improvement of lives of children in need of the most basic needs and services as food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care.  Donations to Springboard Foundation go towards extending financial support to orphanages, half-way homes for street children, schools, and health care centers.  Founded in November 2002 with German national Annette Helbig sitting as President and CEO, Springboard Foundation has already succeeded in generating millions of pesos in funding for projects that include the construction of schools, daycare centers, and medical facilities, the granting of loans to give young mothers a source of livelihood through which to support their children, the conduct of relief operations for families who have been affected by natural disasters, and the provision of lodging facilities for abandoned and abused children. 

Apart from their own programs, the Foundation supports other charities that focus on the needs of the less fortunate Filipino children, providing them with the psychosocial support they need to grow up to become responsible and productive members of society.  One of the charities receiving the biggest share of the Foundation’s resources is Hope Worldwide, an organization that cares for the children in the urban poor communities in Baseco and Payatas.  Over P12 million worth of donations in cash and in kind have been channeled to this organization in support of their daycare centers, drop-in centers, and livelihood programs as well as their current construction of a refuge center for abused children located in Laguna. 

Donations to Springboard Foundation may be made online through their official website www.springboard-foundation.org with options for a one-time donation, or regular monthly or yearly donations.  Interested donors may also call the Foundation’s office at 821-5440 or send an email to info@springboard-foundation.org.  Springboard Foundation’s headquarters is located at 15 Melbourne Street, Merville Park, Paranaque City.

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